lab superpower(s): BLItz-ing, being really darn nice

Faez Amokrane Nait Mohamed

Faez Amokrane Nait Mohamed

postdoctoral fellow

Born in Italy, Faez landed in Beantown in 2021 to start a postdoc focusing on B cell antibody responses, BCRs and vaccines. Faez joined the Lingwood lab by way of Algeria, where he did his Ph.D. in the laboratory of cellular and molecular biology at USTHB, working on polymeric nanovaccines and envenomation therapies. He loves all kinds of wild and transgenic animals and he can spend a whole week in the animal facility, but he’s probably BLItz-ing something on the bench right now. No doubt.

Faez loves museums, especially those related to history. Faez is an “old Mediterranean civilizations” lover and you will maybe (surely) find him running a BLItz and talking about Roman cities or Egyptian pharaohs. Faez is also an extremely hard big fan of “soccer” (ref. football, calcio) and his favorite club is AC Milan. Forza Milan Sempre!

Hobbies: running, drinking coffees, optimizing the ergonomics of his bench set up, building walls with empty tip boxes, spending time with his family.